Water Damage Photo Gallery

Insulation in living room after water damaged ceiling

Ceiling Insulation Damage

After Water Damage

The insulation in this home's ceiling fell into the living room after water damage. Our team at SERVPRO of St. George cleaned up all the insulation and damaged materials before restoration. 

plumbing problem

Sewage and Plumbing Damage

We're Here to Help

This home suffered severe water damage after the sewer and plumbing system failed. Our team at SERVPRO of St. George was on the job quickly and began the restoration process swiftly. 

Drying equipment & flood cuts in kitchen.

Flood Damage in Kitchen

Residential Restoration

This home suffered from significant water damage that left a lot of the kitchen damaged beyond repair. If your home or business in St. George suffers from water damage, give our SERVPRO team a call as quickly as possible.

Fire damage to ceiling.

Fire Restoration Specialists in St. George

SERVPRO of St. George is the leader in fire damage cleanup in St. George, UT. No matter the day or hour, you can count on our team to help with all your residential and commercial fire cleanup needs!

Exposed ceiling.

Roof Leak in Ivins, UT

A storm in the Ivins, UT, area left this home with a water leak that caused water damage to the ceiling throughout the home. Our team removed the affected materials and began the drying process!

Post floor demo in living room.

Living room Water Damage

A water damage event can occur when you least expect it and can cause extensive damage throughout your home or business in St. George. If your home or business suffers from a leak, flooding, or storm damage, give our SERVPRO of St. George team a call today!

Water damage behind paint on wall.

¨Melting Wall¨ Due to Water Leak

This bathroom suffered from a severe water damage event. Pictured above you can see how the wall looks like it's melting due to the water damage behind the paint. If your home or business in St. George suffers from a water damage event, give us a call - (435) 656-9061.

Drying chamber and drying equipment on floor.

Drying Chamber

This tent-looking contraption is called a drying chamber and helps target and speed up the drying process. If a water loss damages your home or business in St. George, call our SERVPRO of St. George team today!

plastic and tape set up on water damaged floors

Floor Tenting After Water Damage

Drying After Water Damage

Water damage can be tricky to diagnose. These homeowners never saw any signs of water damage until it was too late. We are working hard to return this home back to preloss conditions! 

a drying chamber set up in a utility room

Utility Room Water Damage

SERVPRO of St. George has a drying chamber set up to dry out the affected area of this home after water loss. Our team is sure to make any size or severity water damage "Like it never even happened." 

Grey paint falling off wall due to a water leak.

Water Cleanup Near Me

SERVPRO of St. George recently completed a water cleanup job in a local home here in the St. George area. Our team offers a quick response to your home or business after a loss in order to try and minimize the scope of the damage.

Living room post floor demo.

Floor Demolition After A Water Leak

A water leak in this home in St. George resulted in a complete floor demo. Our SERVPRO experts quickly removed the damaged flooring and set up the drying process to ensure that there would be no secondary damage.

Drying equipment, removed flooring, and flood cuts.

Water Damage in Hurricane City

If your home or business in Hurricane City, UT, suffers from water, fire, or mold damage, you can trust the experts at SERVPRO of St. George to take care of you and your property from start to finish. If you have any questions, please give us a call today - (435) 656-9061.

Air mover in action.

Residential Water Cleanup Job in Washington City, UT

Air Mover in Action in Washington City, UT, Home

Our SERVPRO of St. George crew recently completed a water cleanup job in a home in Washington City, UT, that had suffered a minor water leak throughout. Our experts have the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to handle any size water cleanup job, no matter how big or small.

Water damaged wall.

Water Damaged Walls in St. George Home

As you can see pictured above, the walls in this St. George home suffered from a severe water damage event that caused significant water damage to the walls and ceiling. Our SERVPRO of St. George experts are available around the clock for any size water damage cleanup!

Drying equipment on floor.

Water Cleanup Near Me

Did you know that SERVPRO of St. George offers a 24-hour emergency response to any size water damage event in St. George, UT, and surrounding areas. Our team is highly trained and experienced in water damage cleanup and restoration. 

drying mats on hardwood floors

Drying Hardwood Floors After Water Damage

Our injectidry floor drying system is working overtime to restore this St. George home back to its preloss condition after water damage. The homeowner gave us a call as soon as the damage happened, so we were able to salvage the floors. 

green drying equipment on hardwood floors

Restoring Hardwood Floors After Water Damage

Restoring Hardwood Floors in St. George

SERVPRO of St. George has the equipment and skill to restore your hardwood floors after water damage. We use an injectidry system to remove the water seamlessly and efficiently after water damage. 

Water Restoration Equipment on wooden floor

Water Restoration Clean Up

Water Restoration can be a tedious and daunting task. Luckily for the businesses and families of St George SERVPRO is here to help. With highly trained technicians available 24/7 we can start the water restoration process before it has time to sit and form Mold or lead to more problems.

Green equipment on the floor

We Won't Leave A Drop Of Water Behind

If Water has been sitting and soaking into the carpets and walls of your St George home or commercial space your property could be at risk of severe Water Damage or Mold growth. Our team will remediate and restore your property in no time.

a water heater and exposed pipe

Got Water Damage?

This water heater had a leak that went unnoticed. After time had passed, it slowly developed water damage to the interior structure and spread into adjacent rooms of the home. Our team will get it back to its preloss condition in no time. 

green drying equipment in a room

Drying Equipment

Our drying equipment has done its job in this St. George home! The homeowner was relieved to hear we were headed to help after a water heater leak was discovered. We will make it "Like it never even happened."

a room with the bottom half of the wall cut out

Flood Cuts

Flood cuts are sometimes necessary to ensure the structure is completely dry. Our team is dedicated to getting you back in your home after water loss. We specialize in water cleanup and restoration services. 

exposed pipes in a wall

Pipe Break

Pictured here is the source of loss in this St. George home. Our team at SERVPRO is dedicated to making pipe breaks, pipe leaks, flooding, and water damage "Like it never even happened" Call us today!

a white wall with the bottom half removed

Water Heater Leak

A water heater leak led to this home needing a flood cut and restoration services. Our team at SERVPRO of St. George is always ready to respond when your home or business suffers water loss

Cleaning Up Water Loss

Our team responded to a water loss at this residence and we brought drying equipment such as you see here to help dry the home quickly. Leaving moisture for too long can cause secondary damage, such as mold.

Drying Equipment For Water Loss

We often use equipment such as what you see pictured here to help the drying process to move more quickly. We do this to mitigate further damage to your home. If you have a water loss, call us!

Air Mover In Place

When you have a water loss, it is critical to deal with the moisture within 24-48 hours, otherwise, secondary damage such as mold can occur. That is why we use equipment such as this air mover to aid in the drying process.

Trailer for Large Loss Damage

SERVPRO of St. George is ready for storm and large loss opportunities. We deploy the trailer when we need to have a lot of equipment on hand when a commercial building is flooded or suffers a fire.

Water Extraction

Water loss always happens at the worst possible time and now with the holidays coming up, you can never be too safe. SERVPRO is ready to help when disaster strikes! Give us a call anytime, we're always available. 

Leaking Roof

This home had a damaged roof that was leaking into the attic. The insulation became saturated and eventually the weight and the moisture caused the ceiling to break and water to come pouring through this hole.

Thermal Imaging

Can you see the moisture in this image? That is because we are using a FLIR Thermal Camera in this image. This is one of the ways we find moisture that you might not otherwise see.

Leaking Shower

The shower in this bathroom developed a serious leak that caused water to pool in the floor and also affected the carpet in this room. The damage wasn't too severe, but could have been if the customer hadn't called us when they did.

Restoration Process

This facility had some water damage that needed to be repaired. As you can see, we have pulled out the carpet and pulled out the damaged drywall and baseboard and are in the process of drying up excess moisture.

Soaked Carpet In Bedroom

This bedroom carpet was soaked as a result of a pipe break that flooded part of the house. Pictured here, we have brought in fans to dry up the excess moisture before beginning the cleanup process.