Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen fire damage in a home

Kitchen Fire Damage

Emergency Fire Cleanup

This home was overtaken by flames, affecting majority of the house and the items inside. Our emergency restoration team at SERVPRO of St. George was called to the house immediately to start cleanup and restoration. 

We are trained in fire damage restoration. Our team knows exactly how to cleanup soot, smoke odor and debris while restoring the home. 

Fire damaged home in St. George

Severe Fire Damage

Restoration Services

Our team at SERVPRO of St. George was called shortly after the fire department put the large fire out in this home. 

We were on the job in no time with our equipment and inspection equipment. No matter the type of damage or how severe, our team of restoration specialists can complete the job. 

Fire damaged stairs in a local home

Local Home Fire

Fire Damage Restoration

Our team at SERVPRO of St. George was called to this home after they discovered major fire damage. Soot and smoke covered most of the house, and we were ready to cleanup the debris. 

Soot damage on wall.

Soot & Smoke Damage

Home After Fire Damage

This is the aftermath of a significant fire in a home in St. George, UT. The home was left with major soot and smoke damage, not to mention the burn damage.

Luckily, our SERVPRO of St. George team quickly responded and got to work to ensure that the home was returned to pre-fire conditions.

Soot and smoke damage to wall & ceiling.

Green Lake Soot & Smoke Damage

The aftermath of a fire can result in several interior and exterior damage. Sometimes, the damages you see are mostly interior soot and smoke damage. In any case, you can count on our SERVPRO of St. George team to be here to help with all your fire damage cleanup and restoration needs in the greater Green Lake area.

Burnt furniture on a floor

Know Who To Call When Fire Damage Strikes.

Our team at SERVPRO of St George knows how very stressful the affects that Fire Damage can have on you and your St George home. Our team cares about restoring your property to pre Fire Damage condition. 

a home with grey liquid coming down the walls

Smoke Removal After Storm Damage

After fire damage, this home was left with smoke all over the walls. SERVPRO of St. George has technicians dedicated to removing smoke and soot after a fire. Give us a call 24/7, and we will be there. 

wooden planks set up in a home

Demolition After Fire Damage

This home needed demolition after it suffered fire loss. SERVPRO of St. George was on it and began removing the water due to the firefighting efforts. We started restoration to remove damaged materials and began the demolition. 

a piece of green equipment on purple carpet in a living room

Air Scrubbers After Fire Damage

Our air scrubber is working hard to remove the smoke odor in this St. George home after fire damage. Before you know it, this home will be looking and smelling as clean as it was before! 

a chimney with black wood around it

Chimney Fire in St. George

This St. George homewoner gave our team a call after a chimney fire broke loose. Our crew will get this home back to its preloss condition in no time! Give SERVPRO of St. George a call after fire damage.

The interior of a house heavily damaged by fire. Walls are down and everything is covered with char.

Residential Fire Loss

This home was heavily affected by a recent fire. Our team at SERVPRO of St. George arrived to the scene as soon as the firefighters were finished. Whether it's your home or business affected by a fire, our dedicated team of professionals are here to help! 

Large garage fire melted the car that was parked inside of it.

Melted Car

A garage fire melted the car inside along with the rest of the contents inside. Did you know that SERVPRO of West Jordan/South Jordan/North Draper works with your insurance company? 

We are here to serve you and take anything off your plate that we can during this stressful time. 

Garage fire has turned the front of this home black.

-Garage Fire-

This garage fire melted all of the contents inside. Our team was on scene in a flash to help restore and clean this home. We understand how devastating fires can be for you and your family. 

Side of a house black with tar from an indoor fire.

Garage Burnt to a Crisp

The side of this house is covered in soot & tar from a fire that originated inside. Contents inside the home need restoration services that are inside our facility. Give us a call toady! (801) 282-6366

side door of garage with debris and sheet metal falling down


This side door has melted off due to the fire that started in the garage behind it. Good thing they called SERVPRO to get the job done quick! (801) 282-6366 

We are the premier leaders in fire restoration. 

Fence outside of a home that caught on fire shows only minimal damage.

Timing is Everything

Thanks to first responders the majority of this fence has been saved. Our team here at SERVPRO has started work on the inside of this residence to preform our fire restoration process. 

Interior walls of a garage have been burnt down into black tar.

Burnt Down

A fire that originated in the garage of this home completely destroyed the walls inside. First responders were able to be on scene within a flash & saved parts of this home. The home owner also called SERVPRO right away & we were able to start our restoration process right after the fire was put out. 

house with glow of fire engine lights on it


Home Fire after being put out by first responders. The garage door on this residence literally melted off its hinges. The fire originated from the garage so the contents inside all are burnt to a crisp.  

Master Blaster

Our team used this Soda Blaster to put out the remainder of this house fire. SERVPRO of St. George deals with fire restoration every day. We are proud to serve our customers quickly & efficiently. (435) 656-9061

Soda Blaster

This is just an example of SERVPRO's use of modern technology by our restoration technician. The tool being used here is called a Soda Blaster, which helps put out the remain embers of this residential fire

Fire Damage

Damage to the outside of a home after a fire in St. George. SERVPRO responded and quickly arrived at the scene to start the fire damage restoration. No size fire damage is too big for SERVPRO!

Restoration After Fire Loss

Here you can see the restoration in progress on this fire damaged home. As you can see in this picture, we have completed the demo process and are getting things prepared to put in new material.

Fire In Kitchen

In this picture you can see a kitchen that has heavily been damaged by a fire. It was contained quickly, but you can see the extent of the damage that it still managed to cause.

Roof Damaged By Fire

This home had a large fire that caused a significant loss for the owner. Notice the amount of charring on the underside of the roof sheathing and in the trusses. If you have fire loss like this, call us!

Fire Remediation

In this picture, we are in the process of performing a fire remediation for this homeowner. As you can see, their belongings have been pulled out and placed safely in the garage so as not to be damaged while we work.

Fire Cleanup In St. George

The owner of this home called us after they had a fire loss. They had a kitchen fire that was contained quickly, but still managed to do quite a bit of damage to the home.

House Fire

Fires are typically much worse than a water damage, with water, a lot of the items can be repaired or restored.  Fire however destroys most things that it comes in contact with.  This house was a total loss.  Some of the items in the house were able to be salvaged.  For assistance or questions call SERVPRO and we can help make it "Like it never even happened."