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How to Prepare for a Storm

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

wet floor, flooded floor, standing water on the floor. Concept of flood damage Flood damage in Central, UT.

Three Tips For Preparing For Storm and Water Damage

Nature has a way of showing who’s really in charge. Sometimes, she throws massive hurricanes that nobody can control. Other times, she pushes ocean water inland, leaving a wake of destruction. Whatever the case, there are a few things you could do to make sure your business lives through a floodwater ordeal.
Here are the top 3 tips for preparing for storm and water damage:

  1. Board up the building
  2. Unplug appliances
  3. Take an inventory

Secure the Building

Board up the windows, vents and other openings as the first thing you do when the hurricane season starts. After that, have all the weak brunches, and trees cut off to avoid structural damage. The exterior doors should also be hurricane-proof by making sure they have at least three hinges and an inch-long deadbolt.

Unplug Appliances

There’s no doubt water and electricity make a dangerous combo, especially when dealing with a flooded building. For that reason, be sure to switch off the power at the main circuit breaker then go ahead and unplug all the equipment. Also, remove all electronics from the floor to avoid getting into contact with water. However, you should backup all records on the internet or portable drive just in case the flood water gets into the computers.

Take an Inventory of all Your Stuff

It is important to document everything that stays on the business premises during the storm. That includes art, furniture, equipment and materials. It would also help if you added video evidence along with a written document before storing them in the cloud as they will be your evidence. Unfortunately, compensation takes a while, so you might want to play safe by securing your valuable equipment before the storm.
As a business owner in Central, UT, don’t take your chances with the elements. Flood water can drown your business in debt or even be the end of it. So, it’s wise to take the necessary precautions while you can.

4 Ways To Prepare Your Business for a Thunderstorm

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

roof damaged by high wind storm. Roof damaged by high winds.

Prepare Your Business for a Thunderstorm

You're probably used to experiencing thunderstorms in your Hurricane, UT, business building. However, you may experience one or more that are potentially dangerous, possibly to the point of requiring storm damage restoration. If this occurs, you'll want to be ready. So, here are four ways to prepare your business for a thunderstorm.

1. Make a Safety Plan
One of the most important things to do in this process is to make a plan of action. First, start by conducting a walk-through of your building. You'll need to find places for everyone to go during a storm with high winds. Look for areas that are away from the following:

  • Windows
  • Highly breakable glass
  • Skylights

Once these spots have been located, be sure to let your employees know about each one. If you can, you may want to create signage as a reminder.

2. Keep Trees Trimmed
Trees can be dangerous during a storm, especially if some aren't kept trimmed. If a strong enough wind blew during a rain storm, a tree or its branches could fall and cause significant damage to your building. Fortunately, trimming trees allows the plants to better resist the wind.

3. Use Lightning Rods
Lightning rods serve as protection for buildings from lightning strikes. Be sure to get these rods installed if your building doesn't have any. If you do have lightning rods, get each one inspected on a regular basis. You don't want your protection to stop working during a rain storm.

4. Learn First Aid
In the event that one of your colleagues is injured during a storm, you'll want to know first aid. Be sure that you or someone reliable on your staff is knowledgeable in this regard. You'll also want to have some backups in case that individual isn't present.
Preparing for a dangerous rain storm is an important task for any business owner. No matter how high or low your area's storm risk is, be sure to give the preparation process your full attention.

Do You Have Enough Fire Alarms in Your Home?

3/18/2021 (Permalink)

Man Installing Smoke Or Carbon Monoxide Detector Keep your family safe with a properly installed and maintained fire alarm.

A fire alarm helps to keep your family safe in Washington, UT when a fire breaks out. Most people think one or two alarms are sufficient, but the National Fire Protection Association recommends that the number of alarms you install should be based in large part on the size of your home.

How Many Alarms Do You Need in Your Home?

The NFPA strongly suggests that alarms be placed in the following rooms to avoid devastating fire damage:

  • One alarm should be installed in each bedroom.
  • An additional alarm should be placed in the hallway near the bedrooms. If the bedrooms are situated in different areas of the home, you will need an alarm in each hallway.
  • Place one alarm in the kitchen as well.
  • Install at least one alarm on each additional level in your home. Don’t forget the basement since a fire can ignite near or inside the furnace.

How Should the Alarms Be Installed?
The fire alarm can be placed on the ceiling, but it also works well attached to the wall. Just make sure it is situated no more than 12 inches from the ceiling since smoke rises quickly during a fire. Alarms positioned in the kitchen should be at least 10 feet away from the stove and other cooking appliances. Smoke damage caused by kitchen appliances can be very difficult to remove, so call a fire restoration service if you need help with the cleanup. Alarms should never be placed too close to windows, fans or vents since these devices may interfere with fire detection.
Make sure you test your alarms frequently to ensure they work when you need them. Change the batteries twice a year as well. A good rule of thumb is to change them when you change your clocks.
Keep your family safe with a properly installed and maintained fire alarm in each important room in your home.

When Should You Replace Bathroom Supply Lines?

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

Old leaking shutoff valve that connects to a toilet that is dripping water. A leaking bathroom supply line in St. George, UT.

The supply lines in a bathroom may be rated to last anywhere from five years up to decades based on the material. Manufacturers’ warranties can give homeowners a good sense of when these lines should be replaced. Supply line damage may necessitate replacement sooner rather than later at a home in St. George, UT.

Check the Supply Line Warranty

The warranty on different types of supply lines range from five years up to a lifetime. Here are the average warranty lengths for common supply line materials:

  • Copper lines may have 50 year or lifetime warranties
  • PEX lines may have a 25 year warranty
  • CPVC lines may have a 10 year warranty
  • PVC lines may have a five to eight year warranty

The covered causes of malfunction vary based on usage. Although specifics vary, warranties give homeowners an idea of the length of time for which you can expect properly installed pipes to function without the elevated risk of a bathroom leak.

Inspect Supply Line Condition
It is important to look for any signs of supply line damage regardless of the age of the pipes. Make sure fittings are intact and in good condition and that pipes do not show signs of wear.

Replace Burst or Leaking Lines
While it is helpful to replace lines in advance of a supply line leak or break, homeowners often disregard these components until an emergency occurs. A plumber can replace broken lines, but experts can also inspect plumbing on a regular basis to anticipate disaster and prevent a pipe break.
If a line fails before the end of the warranty period under normal conditions of use, it may be possible to reduce the expenses associated with replacement. Carefully read the warranty and look for indications of supply line damage. Taking a proactive approach may make it possible to avoid major water damage at a residence located in St. George, UT.

Why Hire A Fire Restoration Company

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

air mover, dehumidifier, drying equipment, drywall removal. Concept of fire restoration services Restoration after a fire loss in St. George.

Are you dealing with fire and smoke damage in your home or commercial property? Not sure what to do about fire damage, smoke damage or soot damage removal? Restoration after a fire in home or fire in business can be handled by a residential or commercial fire damage company.

Unfortunately, many homes and businesses are faced with unexpected events that result from fire and smoke. Any business or homeowner that finds that their property has experienced smoke damage, soot damage, or fire damage, should call a restoration company immediately.

Make That Call

First, you will need professional help right away. Fire cleanup and restoration professionals can start work on getting your business or home back the way it was. Call a restoration company as soon as possible at their emergency contact number so they can board up any missing windows and walls and other exposed areas and begin the fire cleanup process.


In order for fire damage technicians to completely help you clean up soot damage, smoke damage and get rid of smoke smell and recover from a fire in home or fire in business, fire damage restoration experts will create a specific plan to ensure all of the residues are immediately eliminated from your home or business.

Before starting to board up the site, fire damage technicians will conduct an initial evaluation of the property and document their findings. They will then develop their plan to board up the exposed areas and start the fire cleanup, which will include soot damage and smoke smell removal. Well-trained technicians in disaster restoration and fire cleanup services have great expertise in performing property damage assessments.

How Do Electronic Claims Services Work?

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

Tablet and cell phone. Insurers can rely on the electronic claims service used by the leading restoration company.

Shuffling papers is a relic of the past when it comes to making an insurance claim. Property owners, restoration professionals and insurance agents can all appreciate the efficiency of a fully digital electronic claims service. Find out how this type of service can impact every stage of the process of making a claim and getting coverage for damage to a property located in Veyo, UT.

Upload Damage Documentation

A local restoration franchise can send a team to a location within hours of a damage report. In situations involving larger losses, these specialists may arrive sooner than an insurance agent. All of the following information obtained through inspection and pretesting is made available to insurers through an electronic claims service:

  • The first notice of loss
  • Photographs of damage
  • Forms and paperwork
  • A detailed estimate

Insurance representatives can access this information online at their convenience. This background can inform an adjuster visit, which may take place after mitigation is underway.

Provide Estimate Information
An estimate of the cost of restoration is essential for making an insurance claim. Insurers put more stock in assessments made by Preferred Vendors. These SERVPRO franchises have extensive experience cleaning and restoring damage. Performance comparisons of jobs done by individual franchises to industry standards are also available on this electronic service.

Maintain Insurer Communication
A primary benefit of using an electronic service to manage job and claim information is that insurance agents and adjusters can easily communicate with service providers. Property owners also benefit from this mode of facilitating contact from the first inspection of damage to the completion of restoration.
Insurers can rely on the electronic claims service used by the leading restoration company. Every stage of damage inspection, mitigation, cleanup and restoration is documented on this platform, which provides all the information necessary to process an insurance claim for damage to a property in Veyo, UT.

3 Proactive Ways To Prevent Plumbing Problems

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Plumber with a clipboard writing down Plumbing inspection in a Central, UT building.

Three Ways To Keep Costs Down

There are several measures a commercial property owner can take to maintain water systems and keep plumbing problems such as pipe breaks and leaks at bay. Proactive maintenance is much more affordable than arranging for emergency repairs at a building in Central, UT. Here are three ways to keep costs down and ensure a structure has a reliable supply of water and functional drainage.

1. Schedule Annual Inspections
A business or building owner should have a commercial property inspected at least once every 12 months. These checks should include checking the condition of supply lines, the water main and making sure that sewer lines are not becoming clogged. It can also be helpful to confirm the quality of pipe installation and adherence to the most current plumbing codes.

2. Monitor Pipe Condition
During a plumbing inspection, the owner of a commercial property should consult with a plumber about the condition of pipes, including levels of corrosion to avoid a broken pipe or other plumbing problems. If pipes are making loud noises such as knocking, it may be possible to add insulation or support to prevent damage. Property owners should be aware of the material and age of pipes in a building.

3. Maintain Drain Lines
A commercial property owner should post guidelines in bathrooms specifying that only toilet paper is safe to flush. Buildings with commercial kitchens should take measures to reduce the amount of grease that goes down the drain. It may be necessary to have drain lines cleaned by professionals every 18 to 22 months to prevent sewer damage.
Inspections and awareness of the age and condition of pipes such as supply and sewer lines can prevent most plumbing problems. Annual plumbing inspections are sufficient for many commercial buildings in Central, UT. Restaurants and other businesses with unique drainage demands may need to schedule more frequent plumbing service.

General Liability Insurance and Mold Issues

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Liability insurance form and dollars on the table. To understand the extent of your coverage, you should speak with your insurance provider

Mold is a fungus that exists just about everywhere. If you own a building in Enterprise, UT, more than likely it contains trace levels of many different types of mold. Usually, this isn't a problem, but when moisture and warmth come into play, the mold can grow into unsightly colonies. Mold can damage materials if left for too long, and it can even cause health effects for certain people. Mold insurance claims could be brought against your company for both property damage and for liability issues. To understand the extent of your coverage, you should speak with your insurance provider.

General Liability and Mold

Your commercial insurance covers you for many situations related to a mold claim. If you are sued, your insurance company should come to your defense. It might even provide some level of reimbursement if you are hit with an adverse judgment. However, coverage against mold insurance claims is not absolute, and could be nullified under certain conditions:

  • Neglect
  • Malice
  • Incompetence

In other words, you must do what is reasonable to address mold in your buildings in a timely manner. Also, if complaints about mold have been ignored, your insurance company could have a reduced responsibility to defend you against lawsuits.

Mold Remediation
While mold can be difficult for an ordinary cleaning company, a mold mitigation franchise is experienced in treating mold outbreaks. The workers have the certifications and the equipment needed to restore a building to its pre-mold state. They do this by limiting the spread of microscopic mold spores, killing the fungus with powerful cleaning agents, vacuuming up the mold residue and disinfecting the impacted surfaces. A professional mold restoration treats all aspects of a mold outbreak and makes sure that another fungal outbreak will not occur. It reduces the chance of any health effects affecting your tenants, and it also reduces mold insurance claims for liability matters.

3 Tips To Prevent Ice Dams

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Hand with a glove cleaning a clogged gutter Always keep your gutters clean

Ice Dam Prevention Tips

Winter weather can cause a lot of damage to homes in Ivins, UT. Ice dams pose a particularly serious threat. These icy formations can severely damage your home’s gutters and roof and can lead to roof leaks and interior water damage that require extensive remediation work. Avoid facing these kinds of damage by following these ice dam prevention tips.

1. Understand How Ice Dams Form
After a winter storm, snow and ice on your roof may begin to melt slowly. The water then re-freezes as it drips into the gutter, which may already be filled with snow and ice or even leaves and debris from before the storm. After the gutter fills, ice will continue to form across the top of the gutter and possibly over the sides, as well. The resulting large block of ice is heavy and puts a major strain on your roof and gutters. As the ice expands and contracts throughout the day, water can get pushed under your roof, leading to leaks.

2. Ensure Your Attic Is Properly Insulated
A well-insulated attic will help keep warm air inside and keep your roof’s exterior cold. When the outside of your roof stays cold, the snow and ice will not melt as rapidly and are less likely to lead to an ice dam.

3. Keep Gutters Clear
The most dangerous dam situations occur when gutters are full, so make sure to keep your gutters free of leaves, branches, and other debris before the snow starts. If possible, clear any new snow and ice from your gutters each day. Note: Do not stand on a ladder if there is ice on the ground.
The easiest way to avoid damage from ice dams is to prevent them from forming in the first place. Understanding how these winter menaces occur and following these ice dam prevention tips can go a long way to keep your home safe this winter.

Essential Information Regarding Smoke Damaged Electronics

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Background of an electronic damaged by fire with the LOGO of SERVPRO How does smoke damage electronics

Any electrical fire has the potential to cause a severe office disruption. Besides structural damage requiring the services of a commercial fire restoration provider, electronic equipment needs to be cleaned before it can once again be used. Here are some things you should know regarding how to handle digital equipment impacted by smoke’s impact.

Types of Smoke Damage To Electronics

Electronic equipment suffers from smoke in three ways:

  1. When smoke gets inside, it can leave a black film that acts as insulation. Over time, this buildup can trigger overheating.
  2. Smoke also has the ability to create a magnetic charge. The resulting shocks can cause serious malfunctions.
  3. Soot generated by an electrical fire is highly acidic. The inevitable corrosion shortens the lifespan of office machinery.

Never operate computers, printers, or other devices reliant upon electricity that have been exposed to smoke until proper cleaning has been administered.

Tips for Dealing With Smoke Damage To Electronics
Prepare for a computer cleanup in La Verkin, UT, by shutting down and unplugging every terminal. This preventive measure can help prevent short circuits from causing permanent damage. Next, remove your system’s memory storage. Moving data away from your mainframe means cleaning can take place without the risk of further data loss. Hard drives can typically be accessed via another computer.
Apply protective masking paper to laser printers as a method of minimizing damage caused by smoke. Removing this material is far easier than engaging in a detailed scrubbing. Denatured alcohol should be used to excise any residue that gets inside.
Besides computers and printers, smoke damage can negatively impact tablets, telephones, and more. Employ a cleaning professional to thoroughly rehabilitate your office’s electronics. This decision can save both time and money.
Even the best-maintained buildings remain susceptible to an electrical fire. When one happens, anything that uses electricity may be compromised. Do everything within your power to begin the sanitization process and then hire a specialist to complete the job.