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Make Sure the Site of the Fire is Secure

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Make Sure the Site of the Fire is Secure

Your business burning down is one of the worst things anyone has to go through. After establishing that everyone is safe and those who are injured have been attended to, the confusion sets in. The fire truck has left with its fire hose, and you don’t know what the next step is because you’re not a firefighter and don't know anything about the importance of having a good fire sprinkler system. Read on below for some basic tips on what to do after a fire.

People may steal from or vandalize the building even if there is extreme fire damage. The same goes for commercial fire damage. In fact, it can be worse for a commercial fire damage case than it is for your home. This is so because commercial buildings usually have expensive electronic equipment and furniture. If you are the owner of the building, you should secure the building to make sure no one can enter and cause further harm. Doing this will make the fire restoration process easy. You can also try to take any valuables that have survived the fire hose out of the building into a warehouse or any safe place close. Remember to note all of this down including any visible fire damage, soot damage, and details as to whether it might have been an electrical fire for fire restoration purposes. Sometimes a firefighter might give you some information regarding this. Don’t let the fire truck leave before you ask them a few questions for insurance purposes.

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Identify Red Flags After a Fire

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Identify Red Flags After a Fire

Fire scenes are dangerous if people are allowed back into the building by firefighters. Usually, a good fire sprinkler system will help with fire suppression and manage fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage to a minimal level. However, any food, beverage, and medicine should be discarded if they were exposed to soot damage or smoke damage.

Firefighters will use the resources in their fire trucks to ensure services such as gas, fuel, and electricity are disconnected during the firefighting efforts.

Once the firefighting team has disconnected services mentioned, it is the job of the owner, depending on the extent of the fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage, to get a licensed individual to reconnect them. Utilities should be disconnected immediately in the event of an electrical fire or utility room fire.

If an electrical fire or utility room fire occurred, then you should speak to an electrician and your insurance agent to start the next steps in the cleanup process.

You should be in direct contact with your insurance company. If you have any details about the fire such as the extent of fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage, and any information about a utility room fire, let your insurance claims manager know. You can also give them information on the fire sprinkler system and how well fire suppression was handled by the fire truck and fire hose. The sooner you contact your insurance company, the faster the fire restoration process will be.

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Insurance and Commercial Fire

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Insurance and Commercial Fire

It is always wise to have an inventory to provide to the insurance company. This stock should include everything that was affected as a result of smoke damage, fire damage and soot damage. Detail to the insurance provider what your suspicions of the fire are. That is, was it a case of an electrical fire, utility room fire, or accidental. You may also write a report on the level of fire suppression, and whether the firefighters used their fire hoses or other equipment to put out the fire. Commercial fire damage is more complicated than any other fire cases. As such, substantive details are required.

If you had a good fire sprinkler system, then the fire suppression will be successful, and you can get back to your regular life soon after the fire. The good thing about small fires is that a proper fire restoration process will ensure business as usual in no time if your insurance company cooperates. More intense fires usually take longer. Sometimes the building is written off altogether. However, you should not write it off before you call the commercial fire damage experts for an appraisal of what might be saved.

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Why Hiring A Fire Restoration Company

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Why Hiring A Fire Restoration Company

Are you dealing with fire and smoke damage in your home or commercial property? Not sure what to do about fire damage, smoke damage or soot damage removal? Restoration after a fire in home or fire in business can be handled by a residential or commercial fire damage company.

Unfortunately, many homes and businesses are faced with unexpected events that result from fire and smoke. Any business or home owner that finds that their property has experienced smoke damage, soot damage or fire damage, should call a restoration company immediately.

Make That Call

First, you will need professional help right away. Fire cleanup and restoration professionals can start work on getting your business or home back the way it was. Call a restoration company as soon as possible at their emergency contact number so they can board up any missing windows and walls and other exposed areas and begin the fire cleanup process.


In order for fire damage technicians to completely help you clean up soot damage, smoke damage and get rid of smoke smell and recover from a fire in home or fire in business, fire damage restoration experts will create a specific plan to ensure all of the residues are immediately eliminated from your home or business.

Before starting to board up the site, fire damage technicians will conduct an initial evaluation of the property and document their findings. They will then develop their plan to board up the exposed areas and start the fire cleanup, which will include soot damage and smoke smell removal. Well-trained technicians in disaster restoration and fire cleanup services have great expertise in performing property damage assessments.

Board Up And Tarp Services After Fire

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Board Up And Tarp Services 

After the fire has been put out it is crucial to secure the residential or commercial property from theft, intrusion, etc. Sometimes doors and windows suffer severe damage and no longer function.

Insurance policies require that property owners take reasonable steps to “mitigate damages,” and these include boarding windows, tarping a damaged roof and ensuring that smoldering is stopped. Residential and commercial fire damage professionals will take steps to board up exposed areas before they begin work.

Smoke Smell or Soot Stains Removal

By utilizing specialized fire damage restoration products, residential and commercial fire damage technicians are able to eliminate soot or smoke stains that have occurred due to smoke damage or a fire in home or fire in business. 

In addition, fire damage restoration professionals will be completely deodorize the affected areas and eliminate smoke smell by implementing an innovative order removal process.

Contact Insurance

Residential and commercial fire damage professionals can help businesses and home owners handle their insurance claims. Filing claims after a fire damage can be a challenging task for many property owners. A fire restoration company can help you develop a plan for dealing with your insurance claim and getting a satisfactory outcome.

Restoration companies can help you to determine reimbursable expenses and to decide on the items that need to be replaced. Getting a reliable and experienced fire damage company will certainly save you time and a huge amount of money. It can also give you peace of mind in knowing that you are taking appropriate steps to getting your residential or commercial property back to pre-fire condition, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business or personal life even before the fire in business or fire in home restoration is completed.

Summing Up 

Fire in home or fire in business is one of the most common types of property damage that anyone will ever encounter. If immediate fire cleanup is not performed, it can lead to devastating effects.

It is crucial to understand that successful fire in home or fire in business cleanup involves several steps. With proper preparation, quality resources and trained fire damage restoration professionals in place, the process of home or commercial fire damage recovery will be handle effectively. 

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Guide to Storm Damage Restoration

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Guide to Storm Damage Restoration

Violent storm can damage the building and also vegetation. Wind damage causes roof damage of the buildings especially tiles and shingle. It damages the roof by infiltrating into its surface and resulting in swelling of the wood which later causes disintegration, and the roof becomes moldy. Catastrophic such as hail, rain, wind damage and lightning cause severe damage to people lives, and that is why having the storm restoration and home restoration are the only emergency options to curb storm damage. Storm remediation and storm restoration services are available in many parts of the world, and they are readily available to help in case of river flooding, roof leaks, and roof repair. The flooding process of home restoration is usually a simple process, and one need not worry especially if one had already insured the premises against the storm.

After the damage to your residence or business building, it is important to contact the storm remediation professionals as soon as possible because they have right equipment like flood pump. The storm remediation professional will come to your property and examine both the interior and exterior to determine the level of the damage. They will discuss with you many plans of storm restoration, flooding, and also contact your insurance provider. After completing all the discussion, the work will begin. They will determine the type of equipment to use. In case of flooding that will require particular equipment like flood pump and vacuums are used to remove ground water.

In many parts of the world, ice damage, hurricane damage and hail damage cause people a lot of headaches due to its associated problems. Hail damage, hurricane damage, and ice damage cause serious problems to windows and also roofs. It causes roof leaks and other hail damage related problems. The insurance provider can cover these type of losses. Ice damming also cause a serious problem because it stops ground water from melting off. In case, ground water does not melt off against the ice dam; it causes roof leaks and roof damage before the storm remediation. The insurance coverage can also cover losses against ice dam. In case it causes roof damage or roof leaks. Sometimes, insurance companies do not cover ice damming directly, but dwelling coverage does. One should also monitor ice dam or, ice damming so that flood water can flow freely by using the flood pump during storm remediation.

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Storm Damage and Insurance Coverage

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage and Insurance Coverage

Homeowners insurance covers frozen pipes in case of ice storms. The main cause of frozen pipes is when temperatures drop below freezing for more than a few days. It is important to read the policy to check how frozen pipes can be compensated. Contacting home restoration professionals is important during storm remediation.

The professional will check the roof if it need just roof repair or replacement. The wind damage alone cannot cause the roof damage. The possible cause of the roof leak maybe because of the hail damage, ice damage, and wind damage. In the process of home restoration and water restoration, it is essential to check all the condition of the roof if it needs roof repair. For the case of hail damage, ice damage and wind damage it is hard to spot the roof leak. The signs of the storm damage should be inspected from the ground. In case of water stains, then the roof needs serious roof repair through storm remediation or storm restoration services.

Another serious problem of the storm is river flooding. In case of flood water, water restoration will help because it will reduce dangers of future storm damage, wind damage and flooding. Water restoration is achieved by building many dikes and straightening rivers in areas which are prone to river flooding. In case of serious river flooding, the dikes will absorb flooding water and reduce catastrophic consequences. Although it is an expensive option, it is also worth. Water restoration is a common norm that is practiced in most parts to reduce flood water.

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Common Causes of Water Damage

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

Common Causes of Water Damage

There are many causes of water in home or water in businesses. Some of them can be prevented in advance while others occur naturally or as an accident. In any case, flood damage is the consequence. If you have a flooded home, you will need immediate mitigation to prevent advanced water damage.
In the event of a flooded home, the occupants tend to panic and forget what is required of them. When you have water in home or water in business, you should get things under control as quickly as possible. Many people have no idea what they should do in the event of a flooded home.

Causes of influx of water in business or water in home

An influx of water in your property can be caused by some reasons, which include water pipe break, supply line break, toilet overflow, leaking or damaged plumbing system or natural calamities. Regardless of what causes this kind of situation, having excessive water in business or home could have devastating effects that could be costly. It can destroy your furniture, your belongings and cause rotting of the wood floor among other. Moisture also weakens the structural stability of home. If this kind of situation is not treated as an emergency, it can create a hazardous environment. The supply line break and pipe break repair would be done by the restoration company to ensure that no more leakage.

When you have excessive water in business or water in home, you should consider contacting a qualified professional water damage restoration service. Using professionals, you can be assured that they would handle the various aspects of restoration efficiently.
Every homeowner should have emergency contact because you do not know when water issue will arise in your home. It can occur at night or in broad daylight. The importance of calling professionals is that they would guide you by asking several questions to ensure a fast and effective water cleanup.

The most important thing is a water damage situation is to respond quickly. Professionals understand that there is need to respond quickly, conduct water pipe break, and supply line break repair before it can cause further damage. The professionals try to minimize your loss and could give you some recommendation on what to do before they arrive.

Water damage restoration and mitigation requires some planning. Professional services usually take some steps that they take to bring the affected areas in the house under control. They usually begin with the initial assessment of the areas affected to determine the most suitable approach to take. You will also get assistance on documentation that could help to file an insurance claim.

The restoration company will begin the extraction process using advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that all standing water, debris, and moisture are eliminated. They would also take out the wet furniture and other items to a safe and dry area.
The water cleanup experts have advanced testing equipment and moisture detecting cameras that enable them to complete the task effectively and efficiently. They usually test the moisture content and assess further water damage. Drying is done after sanitization and disinfecting several areas of a flooded home. The drying process is affected through modern dehumidification tools. This ensures proper drying to prevent the growth of microorganisms such as molds.

Flood damage restoration efforts should begin immediately of within the 48 hours since the incident happened. This gives the professionals time to get on the site and begin the restoration process. A professional restoration company can achieve to overcome flood damage because they have sophisticated equipment that helps to bring a flooded home or business back to its normal condition. It allows them to know the source of water by detecting the supply line break or the pipe break.
Finding a reputable flood damage restoration company is critical to ensure immediate water cleanup and begin a mitigation process. You should involve a professional service for water mitigation and flood damage.
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A Fire Damage Restoration Company Will Bring Your Destroyed Home Back to Normal

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

A Fire Damage Restoration Company Will Bring Your Destroyed Home Back to Normal

Electrical fires and utility room fires are common and can occur in both private residential homes and commercial buildings and offices. When they happen, you will have to deal with the fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage caused by the fire. You also have to deal with water damage that may have occurred when the firefighters used the fire hose from the fire truck to put out the fire. Water damage will also occur if the fire suppression or fire sprinkler system goes off. The fire restoration process is too difficult to deal with by yourself. Fortunately, a commercial fire damage company can help you deal with the fire restoration process.

Make a call to the commercial fire damage restoration company as soon as you can if the fire is in a business building. Soot damage and smoke damage just gets worse the more you leave it around. If firefighters put out the water with the fire truck’s fire hose, or if there is a flood of water from the fires suppression system or the fire sprinkler system, then the water damage will get worse as time goes by. It will seep into your walls and it will be hard to get out. Also, an electrical fire or utility room fire must be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent further fires from occurring.

The first thing the fire damage restoration company will do is make an assessment of the damage. This is crucial if you want to create a plan of action and bring your home back to normal. They also have to assess the cause of the fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. They have to see whether it came from an electrical fire, a utility room fire, or some other fire. They would also want to know where the water came from, and whether it came from the fire suppression or fire sprinkler system or whether it came from the firefighters as they were putting out the fire with the fire truck’s fire hose.

The next step is cleaning up the water that came from the fire suppression system, the fire sprinkler system, or the fire truck’s fire hose that was used by the firefighters. They will use special pumps to pump out the water. They will also dry out any hidden moisture that is hidden in corners or under tiles or behind walls. Special equipment will be used to detect and remove this moisture.

Next, they will clean up the soot damage and the smoke damage. Soot and smoke make your home look blackened and give your home an awful smell. Using special equipment, the commercial fire damage restoration company can clean up your home.

They will also seal off any parts of your home that were ruined or burnt off. Fire damage usually includes opened roofs or walls. These are not safe and may let more water in. The best thing is to seal them off using tarps or boards.

The fire restoration process includes repairing and replacing whatever is needed to be replaced or repaired. Some appliances, carpets, or even wall boards and ceiling tiles will be beyond hope. These will be replaced by the fire restoration company. Otherwise, they will repair them.

The fire damage restoration company will also give you tips and advice on how to prevent future fires. They will let you know how to stay safe from future electrical fires or utility room fires. They will give you tips on how to keep your fire suppression or fire sprinkler system up to date (you should have them and not rely on the firefighters putting out the fire with the fire truck’s fire hose).

Finally, they will do a final inspection of your home. This inspection will make sure that no more fire damage exists in your home. They will also make sure it is safe to live in again.
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How to Deal with Storm Remediation in Your Home

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

How to Deal with Storm Remediation in Your Home

Anytime there is a storm in the area, homeowners have to worry about flooding, wind damage, and more. Some storm remediation will allow homeowners to get the problem under control. However, the home restoration will require a lot of work, which includes calling in the professionals.

Know the Levels of Damage

The levels of storm damage are going to depend on where a person is located as well as the type of storm that they are hit with. For example, a hurricane will result in hurricane damage that can also lead to a leak repair, flood water, and much more.

Storm damage might include hail damage and ice damage in northern states, which could include ice damming and other problems.

Knowing the level of storm damage will make it easier to focus on storm remediation. Once that's done, the water restoration and home restoration can then take place.

Identify All Problems

There might be river flooding and all sorts of issues. Knowing the lay of the land will make it easier to explore storm remediation. With river flooding comes flood water in the home. The ground water could then result in the need for water restoration because of the water damaging drywall, flooring, and other materials.

Until the problems are known, it's hard to plan on storm remediation. The river flooding might need to be controlled before it's possible to work on water restoration and getting flood pumps. This is because the flood water will continue to enter the home until the river stops overflowing. It's another reason why it's important to work with professionals for storm remediation.

There could be other problems going on, too. When there are high winds, hurricane damage and storm damage will often cause roof damage. The roof damage might involve a roof leak or a roof repair. In some instances, there might be multiple roof repairs to be made, especially if there are one or more roof leaks. Flood pumps might also be needed for the water that's inside the home.

Focus on Storm Remediation
A lot of river flooding, issues with ground water, and even roofing damage can be dealt with ahead of time. Through remediation, it's possible to alleviate some of the biggest problems. Loose shingles, for example, can be fixed before there is hurricane damage to speak about. It could prevent roof leaks or the need to have roof repairs done.

If it's the winter, then there might be other things that can be done in order to avoid an ice dam. Ice damming will happen when plumbing gets too cold. Frozen pipes will often burst. There's nothing that can be done about frozen pipes unless they can be heated. However, pipes can be drained to avoid ice damage, such as ice damming.

When a storm is reported, homeowners need to take action to prevent as much storm damage as possible. Hail damage, wind damage, and flooding are often inevitable. It's possible to reduce the level of damage through remediation to reduce the amount of storm restoration that has to be done.

Create a Storm Restoration Plan
Once there is hurricane damage or storm damage to deal with, it's time to focus on a home restoration plan. This will help to deal with flooding, roof leaks, ice damming, frozen pipes, hail damage, and much more.

Some damage is easier to deal with than others. If hail damage causes roof damage, then there might be a roof leak that needs to be addressed. However, flooding could lead to high ground water. When the flood water enters the home, there might be the need for water restoration because of damaged flooring, drywall, and other materials.

Homeowners should focus on home restoration as soon as it's safe to assess wind damage, ice damage, ice dams, and anything else that might be going on. Professionals will know best how to deal with wind damage on a home. They can repair ice damage from an ice dam, repair frozen pipes, and more.

Storm restoration plans are different for everyone. Roof repairs, a flood pump for ground water, heaters for an ice dam, and more might be required. Flood pumps are just some of the tools that professionals can bring in.

When there's a plan, it's easier for storm restoration to happen.
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